About Cademon

Cademon Brewing Co. is an up-and-coming craft brewery based in Genoa, Illinois. The brewery opened its doors on December 3rd, 2014. Since then, it has released more than 20 beers and 4 craft sodas. In February 2015, the brewery expanded from its 2 barrel brewhouse and fermenters to a 7 barrel brewhouse with 15 barrel fermenters. This allowed the brewery to begin distributing to bars in the Chicagoland area in late March, and began packaging in bottles in January 2016.

Our Mission

At Cademon Brewing Co. we believe the essence of craft brewing is the balance of art and science. We design our unique recipes from a single concept and apply the science of consistent lab testing in order to create the perfect embodiment of style and flavor. By having a large variety of special seasonal flavors along with a foundation of year round flavors we are staying true to the core of craft brewing. As a result of the breadth of our beer selection, we feel that anyone can come into our tap room and find a beer they enjoy. We believe in the importance of supporting our community by buying high quality local ingredients when available. Cademon stands for top of line, true craft beer.

Andrew "Cad" Nordman started making craft beer as a hobby in 2009. After a few attempts from predetermined recipes, he decided to create his own unique beers, pushing the edge of existing beer styles. After enough people tasted his creations and asked when they could purchase it, he decided to make that a possibility. His background in Computer Science has resulted in an emphasis on automation, consistency, and providing science to the art of craft brewing. He is also the author of Brewby, an open source home brewery automation program.


Need to contact us? Here's our info.

Cademon Brewing Co.
217 W Main St
Genoa, IL 60135
(815) 827-6145