2016 - The Mad Scientist and More

Posted on 7 January 2016

So we’ve done it: one year of being open. On December 3rd, 2015, we celebrated an entire year of being open to the public.
On January 1st 2016 we celebrated an entire calendar year of being open. In preparation for 2016, we did some number crunching. Since opening, we’ve released 52 different beers, 6 different sodas, and dozens of Daily Infusions. We’ve been in 39 different bars in Northern Illinois, and created nearly 100 Cademon tap handles in the process. We’ve scaled from a 62 gallon brewing system to a 250 gallon system with 500 gallon fermenters. We’ve done a lot.

So how are we going to top that in 2016? We have a few ideas. First and foremost: Bottles. We’ve been wanting to do packaging for months now, and we managed to squeeze in our first bottle release in 2015 with our anniversary beers. We’re going to do a lot more than that in 2016. Our very first packaged option available in both our taproom and distribution will be, of all things, our root beer soda, I Am Root. 4-packs of our root beer will be available for sale Friday, January 15th. We won’t be stopping there, though. Our first beer in 4-packs for distribution is Vanilla Demonic, our Chocolate Coffee Stout aged in Vanilla Bean. That will be in liquor stores and the taproom by the end of January.

One of the things we loved about our first few months of being open was our near-constant beer releases. When we still only had our 62-gallon brewing system, a beer would not last more than 3 weeks. This led to interesting issues with keeping beers on tap, and the decision to release new beers instead of churning out the same 3 beers, we released 17 beers in our first 7 weeks of being open.

It was out of this that the idea of the Mad Scientist Series was born. It’s simple: every week of 2016, we will be releasing a brand new, small-batch beer. This allows us to try some of our crazier beer ideas and bring new and interesting things. The releases are as such: every other week, we will put a single keg up on draft, and the alternating weeks we will be selling individual 12oz bottles of the release for $3 instead of a draft release.

Our first Mad Scientist Series release begins today with a Blended Sour. We have blended together our Flanders Red aged in a red wine barrel, our Sour Blonde aged in a Whiskey barrel, and our Oud Bruin aged in a bourbon barrel and blended together. Finally, we aged the blend on cherries and raspberries. It is available right now on draft in the taproom, so come join us for a pint of the first release!

Our 1st Mad Scientist Series release