Sports in the Taproom

Posted on 6 May 2015

When we opened, one of our guiding principles in the taproom is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. For us, that meant our TVs were for menus only, with no sports. As a result, we have a large following of regulars that come to us specifically because they don’t have to converse over music or loud noise.

However, as time has gone on we have gotten a growing group of people that have expressed a desire to watch sports in the taproom socially. We have said that the key to success is adapting to the continuously shifting issues of business ownership, and after some thought we have decided that as of today, we have come to a compromise.

  1. The TVs will play local (read: Chicago area) games only.
  2. The TVs will only play games when they are live; ESPN will not be running 24/7 here
  3. The games will be played without sound.

When games are not being played, the TVs will be used for the menus as usual. This policy goes into effect immediately, so if you’re interested in watching the Hawks game from the taproom tomorrow night, please join us. This, as with all things, is prompted by the patrons first and foremost. We highly value feedback here, and while we may not do something at this moment, we hope that you understand that we are always listening and adapting to what best serves our customers.