Growlers, Howlers, and Problems

Posted on 16 March 2015

It’s been a whirlwind of excitement for the past month here at Cademon. After five weeks without brewing due to our seven barrel brewhouse arriving unusable (which is why we dropped dangerously low on beer last week), we are now brewing anywhere from 7 to 30 barrels of beer a week for the foreseeable future, and we have begun distributing kegs to bars. The first few beers on the new system have been released and they are very tasty.

Our new 7 barrel brewhouse and 15 barrel tanks

While we have been doing this, our howler sales have been fantastic. So fantastic, actually, that we ran out on Friday. This is great and we love the demand, but since running out we have had more than two dozen people asking for more howlers. We see this as a huge issue and combined with our growlers still on back order, we have decided to take action.

Our latest order of howlers should arrive on March 27th. Our growlers still have no ETA. From now until May 1st, we will fill howlers and growlers from other breweries as long as you let us put our sticker on the glass. There has been a legal grey area regarding filling growlers and howlers from other brewers which has prevented us from being comofortable risking fines. However, after some discussion with various legal folks, we believe that we will not be in violation of container law. We may ruffle some feathers, but we ask that anyone with an issue please give us a break during this temporary timeframe.

Thanks for making this a problem for us by buying out all our howlers, by the way. You’re all good in our book.