Introducing the Cademon Mug Club

Posted on 28 January 2015

Today we celebrate the 8 week mark of our taproom opening, and to commemorate this, we are launching our Cademon Mug Club program! What is this wickedly awesome sounding program, you ask? Here’s the beakdown.

The Cademon Mug Club is an annual membership for the price of $75, which gives you a 20oz mug with a number that will spend its days on the wall in the taproom.
For the entire year, only you will use this mug. Aside from feeling awesome, what does this get you? Well for starters, you will receive a 20oz pour at our 16oz price every time you use this mug. Pretty cool, but that’s not all! You receive:

  • $1 off growler/howler fills
  • $1 off non-clothing merchandise (bottle openers, posters, etc)
  • $2 off clothing merchandise
  • Access to Mug Club Only events

Now, what happens after the year is up? If you decide to not renew, we will be sad but understand. The mug will go back into the circulation of available mugs for membership. If you decide to renew (and we will let you know 30 days before expiration that it’s coming up), then you keep the mug another year.

To start, we are only opening up the Cademon Mug Club to 50 members. Once the 50 memberships are filled, we will start a waiting list for more mugs to become available.

Registration begins in the taproom on Friday, January 30th. Come in and claim your mug for the next 364.25 days before they are all taken up!