Building a Brewery

Posted on 31 July 2014

It has been two months since our last post, so here is where we stand. After a long journey, tomorrow afternoon we are closing on a loan to get us the funding for opening our brewery. It has been a lot of convincing, explaining, planning, and paperwork, but we are finally there. In addition, tomorrow marks our first day occupying our facility at 217 West Main St, Genoa, IL 60135. While this puts us ever closer to opening, we are far from complete. Starting tomorrow, we will begin the renovations needed to operate a production brewery and taproom in this location.

As mentioned in our previous post, the location was once the production facility for a winery, which means that many of the plumbing and flooring work that would be needed in other facilities is already done. What we will be focusing on, however, is the renovation of the existing bathroom, the fabrication of our bar, and the installation of our brewing equipment. The renovations begin immediately, and we expect to have things done as quickly as possible.

On the licensing front, we are still waiting on our Federal TTB Brewer’s Notice to be approved, which means that our opening date is still unknown. We would like to target an end of September or beginning of October opening, but that is entirely up to the processing time of the federal and state regulators.

As the brewery renovations progress, expect updates here, Facebook, and Twitter.