A New Look, A New Announcement

Posted on 11 February 2014

We are excited to announce that Cademon Brewing Co. has two things rolling out today. The first should be a bit apparent by now, as we have rolled our new brand design across our website, Facebook, and Twitter. We believe that brewing is the blending of art and science, the creation of artistic weavings of flavor combined with the precision and automation of science and technology. When looking for inspiration, we find that there is no better representation of this blending than that of steampunk, and so we have decided to adopt the style into our artwork, our logo, and our business mentality. It will be continuously evolving, but the heart will remain the same.

The second and much bigger announcement is that as of today we are officially launching an Indiegogo funding campaign to open our taproom. We have had a lot of ups and downs in our road to opening our doors here in Sycamore, from working with the city council to update the city zoning code with definitions for breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms, to location selection issues to existing equipment being sold before signing. With all of these setbacks, there has not only been a time component, but also a financial component.

Despite all of the financial drains, we have continuously made progress toward opening, and while we are closer than ever, we need the community’s support to go the last mile. Our location, 2155 Oakland Drive, is set to begin construction for the production brewery and taproom, with the plan to open by the middle of the year. We are asking for $30,000 to help open the doors on the taproom inside our brewery so we can provide a place that Cademon supporters can come and enjoy great beer and socialize comfortably.

We will provide many exciting programs to our taproom, including:

  • Cryptocurrency Acceptance - Pay for your beer with Bitcoins and Dogecoins in addition to the usual payment methods
  • Beer It Forward - Pay for future beers for your friends and acquaintances, and we will keep a list in the taproom
  • Cademon Mug Club - Annual membership that grants you a mug that lives in the taproom, giving you 20oz servings at 16oz prices, as well as discounts on growler refills and merchandise

Check out our Indiegogo funding page and look over what we are asking for and the rewards we are offering. We believe they are pretty nice rewards, and we hope you can contribute toward our goal. Whether you do or not, please do us a favor and spread the word about our campaign, whether via Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon, or word of mouth. The more people you tell, the better chance we have of reaching our goal and providing the very best taproom experience for the community.

We look forward to being one step closer to opening day.